Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A truth behind electronic cigarettes:

I have been reading a lot about the electronic cigarettes or E cigarettes and also smoking it. But in E-cigs case, the process is known as vaping. They give you the same sensation as a normal cigarette does i.e. taste like regular cigarettes but they have been proven to be healthier and harmless to smoke than traditional ones.

As I was enjoying smokelesscigarettes with my mind, not being able to believe it to be possible, I had chances to discuss it with a number of people, friends and colleagues and found out that Electronic cigs were greatly recommended by them for its remarkable benefits and a healthy alternative to smoking.

I had to test this theory on electronic cigarettes and see if it really worked. I went to my “going to be wife” who claimed that she wanted to leave smoking or at least have a better alternative to smoking.

We were decided to get married in the coming near future and while thinking about the time when I kissed her and felt awful sometimes due to the tobacco smell coming out of her mouth, made me hate the feelings despite of the fact that I loved her like crazy. So I got her an electronic cigarette from a renowned company which came in different flavors and had her replace it with regular cigarettes to make true what my wish was.

She started consuming them and over a week’s period of time, she felt better. She noticed that she had more energy level and taste was amazing just like the taste of natural fruits, nothing like regular tobacco cigarettes. They are also known as tar free cigarettes and nicotine free cigarettes for its quality aspects. She was able to cut down the level of nicotine as well as the cravings were lessened. It didn’t leave any smell remaining in the mouth and in fact tasted better with electronic cigarettes, a big relief for me.

Our marriage took place a little later and with the continuous use of Electronic cigarettes, she felt healthier, happier and powerful and the best part is, all without the harms associated with the regular tobacco smoking. We went to different fun places for honey moon and did swimming, surfing and has the best quality time one could possibly have. Electronic cigarette made it possible and it is strongly recommended to have switched to this innovative technology to eliminate the harms of smoking and enjoy healthy vaping.

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